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Club Library

Financial Forms:
Change Request (use to get cash and coinage from treasurer)
Income Expense Form (use to give treasurer activities cash)
Donation Receipt Form (use to acknowledge donations)

Membership Forms & Information:
Membership Application Form
Member Directory (mbr pix/addresses/phone #)(password) Updated: 8/13/16
Potential Member FAQ Handout

Club Forms & Information:
Club Directory (general club information) Updated: 7/1/16
Club Constitution & ByLaws  Updated: 10/30/08
Club Stationary
Club Brochure
Club Master Schedule Updated: 7/1/2016
Club History

Club Board of Director Minutes:
Current Minutes (September)

CLAW Newsletter:
Current issue (December)

District 14D Information:
Current newsletter
District 2015-2016 Directory

Tax Information:
State tax exemption form

Insurance & Safety:
General liability insurance information booklet
Safety officer check list